Moisture on Fall foliage

Moisture on the Fall foliage in downtown Greenville, SC. This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 11/24/2007. This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post about clouds and the hope for moisture. Unfortunately we received only a small amount of moisture (roughly .19 of an inch). However the weather experts predict two inches of rain over the weekend. So today I am sharing a photo, taken during Thursday’s small rainfall, in the hope of more to come … For those following our blog you know that we cooked our turkey a day late and that our Daughter, son-in-law, and their dog Lucy joined us for Thanksgiving. This link shows Lucy making friends at Greenville’s dog park. I have included the above links to share the experience.

8 Responses to “Moisture on Fall foliage”

  1. Wayne

    Thanks for those glimpses into your holiday. I have my fingers crossed that you get those two inches of rain, or more. Nice picture of the leaves. I have often wondered how good rain feels to a tree, or a leaf, or a blade of grass…

  2. Ian Hamzah

    Dear Denton,
    are they Maple leaves? They look marvelous! The structure and the colours and the rain drops. In Bahrain, Winter is coming now, There will be lots of rain, I am looking forward for the same themed photos, Have a nice day then!

  3. Kate

    The colours of the leaves are truly beautiful, and the droplets enhance both that and their beautiful form.

  4. ann

    thank you Denton for sharing this beautiful photo of autumn leave and your turkey :-) and pic of Lucy and friends.

  5. Jilly

    Beautiful photograph of those fabulous leaves, Denton. What a colour! And love the dogs in the Bark Park.

  6. Lynette

    Is Lucy in the middle? I love the turkey. Did you get to see the one my son cooked, Denton? It was lovely, too. I wish it had rained more–did some come this weekend?


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