Fall colors catching the midday light

Fall colors catching the midday light in downtown Greenville, SC.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at GreenvilleDailyPhoto.com on 11/16/2007. The Fall colors include splashes of red mixed in with many shades of brown and yellow. But, in my mind, what makes the colors great is how they catch the light. The leaves become translucent and shine with an intensity. Then the wind blows and the leaves fall. Way too quickly the display is over … Today’s photo was taken yesterday at Falls Park in downtown Greenville.

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  1. alice

    Majestic trees…They still have many leaves and your sky seems to stay blue for ever! Have a good weekend, Denton.

  2. ann

    Beautiful and thank you for this opportunity for me to see some Autumn colors in Greenville.
    I may not be able to get there before they are gone. My sweet pet Bear has developed congestive heart failure and I don’t know how much longer he will be with me, and I can’t be away for too long at a time as he needs care.

  3. Connie

    Thanks for posting this picture Denton. The fall colors are beautiful. I currently live in Florida, so we don’t really get to see a whole lot of fall color down here.

  4. Zsolt72

    this is very amazing with these colors and especially with the sunshine. After the third gray day in Budapest I miss sunshine so much!

  5. Wayne

    That is a SWEET shot. It’s almost like looking up the length of a lit match, from an ant’s point of view. I really like that one… to say nothing of the incredible color.

  6. Denton

    Alice, we love our trees in Greenville and with the cooler weather the skies are even bluer this time of year. I say that and have most likely jinxed the weekend when I hope to take several Falls photos.

    Deslilas, I was told once that there is a Greenville in ever state of the US.

    Ann, your welcome. I hope Bear goes peacefully and that you enjoy the time you have left with him

    Connie, your welcome. I’ll bet it is warmer in Florida this Winter than it will be in Greenville. Actually our Winters are mild but still colder than Florida.

    Jilly, thank you.

    Annie, I was very pleased with the perspective.

    Lessie, thank you.

    Fort Lauderdale, thank you.

    Zsolt, yes but you have so many Winter photo opportunities to look forward to.

    Wayne, thanks. I was pleased with the photo.

  7. willemjim

    connie & denton, we have been enjoying your photos for quite some time!
    saw a newsclip on channel 4 about the 9 mice sculptures downtown, do YOU know where they are?
    best regards, Jim & Barbara


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