Theme day – a typical breakfast

Breakfast burritos from McDonalds are a typical breakfast in Greenville, SC and most of the US. Today is theme day in the City Daily Photo community and we are sharing photos of what a typical breakfast is in the city where we live … My photo was taken using my right hand as I grabbed two breakfast burritos from a McDonalds drive through. I need to point out that this is not a typical meal for me. I normally have oatmeal on weekdays, a bagle on Saturday, and an omelet on Sunday. However I think a drive trough breakfast is typical in Greenville as it is in most of the US … Check out the following links to see typical breakfast around the world … ~~ 1 Adelaide, Australia ~~ 2 Newcastle, Australia ~~ 3 Shanghai, China ~~ 4 Rabaul, Papua New Guinea ~~ 5 Paris, France [Eric] ~~ 6 Melbourne, Australia [John] ~~ 7. Rotterdam, Netherlands ~~ 8 Wellington, New Zealand ~~ 9 Saint-Petersburg, Russia ~~ 10 Singapore [Keropokman] ~~ 11 Evry, France ~~ 12 Toulouse, France ~~ 13 Hyde, UK ~~ 14 Sydney, Australia [Sally] ~~ 15 Haninge, Sweden ~~ 16 Wailea (HI), USA ~~ 17 Budapest, Hungary ~~ 18. Naples (FL), USA ~~ 19 Ampang (Selangor), Malaysia ~~ 20 Saigon, Vietnam ~~ 21 San Diego (CA), USA [Felicia] ~~ 22 Stayton (OR), USA ~~ 23 Rome, Italy ~~ 24 Bucaramanga, Colombia ~~ 25 Selma (AL), USA ~~ 26 Sharon (CT), USA ~~ 27 St. Louis (MO), USA [Strangetastes] ~~ 28 Cypress (TX), USA ~~ 29 Villigen, Switzerland ~~ 30 Montréal (QC), Canada ~~ 31 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ~~ 32 Bandung (West Java), Indonesia ~~ 33 North Bay (ON), Canada ~~ 34 Seattle (WA), USA ~~ 35 St. Paul (MN), USA [Kate] ~~ 36 Cleveland (OH), USA ~~ 37 Greenville (SC), USA ~~ 38 Wassenaar (ZH), Netherlands ~~ 39 St. Paul (MN), USA [Carol] ~~ 40 Prague, Czech Republic ~~ 41 Stavanger, Norway ~~ 42 Twin Cities (MN), USA ~~ 43 Monte Carlo, Monaco ~~ 44 Château-Gontier, France ~~ 45 Kajang (Selangor), Malaysia ~~ 46 Stockholm, Sweden ~~ 47 Menton, France ~~ 48 Albuquerque (NM), USA ~~ 49 Mexico (DF), Mexico ~~ 50 Cape Town, South Africa ~~ 51 Boston (MA), USA [Fénix] ~~ 52 Sequim (WA), USA ~~ 53 Melbourne, Australia [Michael] ~~ 54 St. Kilda, Australia ~~ 55 Maple Ridge (BC), Canada ~~ 56 Nottingham, UK ~~ 57 Brookville (OH), USA ~~ 58 Mainz, Germany ~~ 59 Cologne (NRW), Germany ~~ 60 Oslo, Norway ~~ 61 Al Ain, UAE ~~ 62 Inverness (IL), USA ~~ 63 Manila, Philippines [Pusa] ~~ 64 Zurich, Switzerland ~~ 65 Toronto, Canada ~~ 66 Bellefonte (PA), USA ~~ 67 Mumbai, India ~~ 68 Nantes, France ~~ 69 Grenoble, France ~~ 70 Calabria, Italy ~~ 71 Paris, France [Jeremy] ~~ 72 Moscow, Russia ~~ 73 Lyon, France ~~ 74 Austin (TX), USA ~~ 75 Hong Kong, China ~~ 76 Joplin (MO), USA ~~ 77 Tokyo, Japan ~~ 78 Seoul, South Korea [Sunkyoung] ~~ 79 Kyoto, Japan ~~ 80 Chandler (AZ), USA ~~ 81 Kansas City (MO), USA ~~ 82 Singapore [Andrew] ~~ 83 Sydney, Australia [Nathalie] ~~ 84 Miami (FL), USA ~~ 85 St. Louis (MO), USA [Soosha-q] ~~ 86 Arlington (VA), USA ~~ 87 Selma (NC), USA ~~ 88 Olympia (WA), USA ~~ 89 Port Angeles (WA), USA ~~ 90 La Antigua Guatemala ~~ 91 Anderson (SC), USA ~~ 92 Riga, Latvia ~~ 93 Norwich, UK ~~ 94 Baton Rouge (LA), USA ~~ 95 Lubbock (TX), USA

28 Responses to “Theme day – a typical breakfast”

  1. sally

    Yeah, and if that’s typical, no wonder there is such an epidemic of diabetes in our rich countries like yours and mine. Sad isn’t it?

  2. Rich

    Way too funny! I thought someone might post a fast-food pic, but your shot is really unique!

  3. jules

    I’m sure way too many people ate this way this morning – it is a sign of the times.

    The only reason my breakfast post is so healthy – we don’t have any fast food breakfasts places here. Although my breakfast post is the “breakfast falls from trees” – so I guess that is pretty fast!!!!

  4. julia

    Cheery pic, I’ve bought this breakfast but only from choice and very occassionally. I am not over the top about diet but then an expert pointed to use of fructose additive in everything like this and in that form is very bad news for our health. ( Computer wont make the link from your profile and Greenville etc to this page) yours: ‘serious julia’. .

  5. JB

    I was worried when I saw the image, but the text defused the situation.
    Good photograph.

  6. Jilly

    On a flight from Nice, via Amsterdam, to Detroit one time, we got served burritos for breakfast. I’d never seen one before and could probably live without seeing one again. It was greasy and smelled strange to me. Perhaps it was a not very good one (me, ever the optimist!)

  7. ~tanty~

    I’d never tried burritos before. I think I should give a try. We have McD also here :)
    Nice photograph!

  8. beetle

    McDonald in Cologne has a breakfast menu until 10.30 am and they just have the new edition which I like so much,it’s a honey bread and I thought to post it but I always don’t have my camera,I think I’m too exciting when I go out to order ;o)

  9. Eric at Paris Daily Photo

    Excellent idea. I actually like it very much when I am in th States and when I can order food in a drive thru like this. I know, it’s actually better to get out of the car and WALK, but, hey, once in a while LOL.

    And burritos… Gee I love those. They don’t have them in Mc Donald’s Paris.

  10. Olivier

    J’aime pas les Fast-food, je prefere une baguette au beurre dans un café. ;o)

    I do not like Fast-food, I prefer a rod with butter in a coffee. ;o)

  11. Victoria

    I try to avoid fast food whenever I can, but occasionally the craving for a McDonald’s sausage biscuit gets too much and I have to indulge.

  12. z

    While I can think of eating a lot of regular food for breakfast, burritos just don’t work for me. Maybe they’re too heavy for me… Your regular breakfast sounds quite balanced and healthy, especially with the Eggbeaters. :-)

  13. Felicia

    Very creative idea and quite a bit of work to get this photo! I’m happy to eat breakfast (and all other) burritos.

  14. Sarah J.

    Ah, the wonder of McDonalds! :-) Funny pic! I must admit (hanging my head in shame) that I ate a Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddle today for breakfast, bought while rushing to work, in Lee, MA. And some of their new-n-improved coffee courtesy Paul Newman organics. I normally try to make my own breakfast though, if I manage to get up early: Go Lean Crunch cereal with berries, or a veggie omelette. And of course, coffee! ~Pittsfield, MA

  15. dijah

    Very creative!I don’t usually go for take aways unless I’m on the way somewhere and i haven’t eaten yet.

  16. isabella

    You are right – good or bad, it is representative of our nation’s diet…

    Palm Beach golf vacation? Quite swanky, I’d say ;-)

  17. Annie

    The MacDonald’s worker looks so focused on her task that I imagine there was a line of cars behind yours.

  18. Kate

    Denton, From the little I know of you from blogging, I cannot imagine you indulging in any kind of fast food breakfasts!


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