Fall colors though an office window

Fall colors though an office window in Greenville, SC This is the opposite view from yesterday’s photo. There are a lot of leaves in this view. However, the area is protected from the wind and as a result the leaves stay longer here. Plus, Greenville has many different types of trees which results in leaves falling over a long time frame.

8 Responses to “Fall colors though an office window”

  1. Olivier

    voila une tres bonne idee, de prendre l’autre coté. bravo
    Je te souhaite un bon Dimanche

    veiled a very good idea, to take the other with dimensions. cheer I wish you good Sunday

  2. Susan

    Very nive picture! Regarding green lawn in November: the weather is one of the best things about living in the South! Our grass is still green also and still have leaves on the trees (I’m only 150 miles from Greenvile (250 km). Flowers still too!

    Hope all is well neighbor!

  3. Denton

    Olivier, I liked to concept.

    Dutchie, thank you.

    Krisz, this season offers a lot of photo opportunities which I have to careful not to over use.

    Ham, I agree with what Susan had to say. Weather in the South East of the US is very pleasant.

    Susan, I agree. IMHO, in the South I feel we have 2 months which are hot, 2 months which are a little cold, and 8 months which are heaven.


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