Bike rider under a tree showing it Fall colors

A bike rider taking a break under a tree showing it Fall colors, in Greenville, SC Sunday morning this bike rider stopped to take a break. I was out looking for fall colors and took this photo. The leaves are falling fast now and the colors will not be around for long.

6 Responses to “Bike rider under a tree showing it Fall colors”

  1. Zsolt72

    very nice colors. Here in Budapest is too cold for biking (though you can see some brave guys) and almost every trees ae bald already. The winter is coming soon.

  2. Olivier

    cette arbre est magnifique. encore les superbes couleurs de l’automne.

    this tree is splendid. still superb colors of the autumn.

  3. Denton

    Zsolt, in my mind I see winter in Budapest as much colder than in Greenville. Thanks to your Daily Photos I will see it from yours eyes.

    Lisi, thank you. I think the blue sky is a important to this photo as red leaves.

    Lachezar, actually I worry that all our digital photos have a relatively short life expectancy. Maybe if the DP community creates a book of photos then they will be around 100 years from now.

    Olivier, we actually will have some fall colors for a week or two more.

    John, thank you. Completely different weather than what you have Melbourne. As silly as it sounds I knew the Southern and Northern hemispheres had different weather. But until I saw photos from Japan I really thought they would have more similar weather to Australia than to Greenville.


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