Halloween at Springwood Cemetery

Halloween at Springwood Cemetery in Greenville, SC Recently I stopped by and took this photo of Springwood Cemetery late at night. I choose to share the photo with you on Halloween. Hopefully your Halloween will be safe and enjoyable … Given we are in a condo complex with locked outer doors I doubt if we have any tricker treaters. As a result we will go for a walk to enjoy all the activity. What are your plans?

Lots of people are in the Halloween spirit today. Take the Halloween World Tour! AlexandriaEvryPhoenixGreenvilleParisQueensBrusselsNottinghamSan AntonioRotterdamCottage GroveSan DiegoSt. PaulLittle RockTucsonBarcelona CarlosAucklandHoustonBathKyleSequimWellingtonStaytonSydney NathaliePhotowannabe And remember, tomorrow is Daily Photo Theme Day. Over 45 sites are participating.

11 Responses to “Halloween at Springwood Cemetery”

  1. Olivier

    et a minuit, les morts vivants sortent de leurs tombes.
    belle photo d’ambiance.

    and has midnight, deaths alive leave their tombs. beautiful photograph of environment.

  2. MarieMcC

    Wooooooo….cool! None of Alexandria’s cemeteries are lit at night, and most of them are fenced and close their gates at night. I like this! Happy Halloween!

  3. Jing

    ooooo….a little bit coool~~~ :P
    first about the halloween….seems here near where i live, people don’t know this day ~~
    so quiet….
    happy halloween!!!
    keep safe and joy~~~

    second, look,. the light on the right top!! great composition!! and yes, still like the light in this photo!

  4. Denton

    Actually the cemetery is very dark at night. The detail is the result of an outstanding nighttime setting on my new camera and the “auto smart fix” button on Photo Shop elements.

    Thanks for your comments.

    In touring the Halloween post today I was lead to reasearch the origins of Halloween and the “trickor treat” custom. I know Wikipedia is not the ultimate authority on this subject however it has a good article on the traditions which started Halloween and a similar Mexican holiday call Day of the Dead. I don’t doubt the that the “trick or treat” candy specific and heavily commercialized aspects of Halloween can completely be blamed on the US culture. However, I was interested to find Wikipedia’s claim that “The practice of dressing up in costumes and begging door to door for treats on holidays goes back to the Middle Ages. Trick-or-treating resembles the late medieval practice of “souling,” when poor folk would go door to door, receiving food in return for prayers for the dead on All Souls Day. It originated in the British Isles”.

  5. Felicia

    You are brave to visit the cemetary at night! We are going trick or treating in our neighborhood tonight! My 3 year old is planning to be Batman (that may change because we also have some pirate stuff too) and my 1 year old will be a Dalmatian pup!

  6. Annie

    Now that’s truly a wonderful Halloween photo. Celebrates day of the dead as well as all the ghosties and goblins we think of as related to death. I wish you a happy walk this evening. Me, I’ll be handing out the goodies at the front door.

  7. Curly

    Nice picture Denton, we took part with the children tonight, I’m posting my pictures in an hour or so.

  8. jazzy


    it was fun to follow Halloween festivities around CDP, i immensely enjoyed it.

  9. Awanaangel

    That is the Bi-Lo Center. We have concerts, circus, etc there. It is really big inside.


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