Theme day – self portrait in favorite place

Today is theme day for the daily photo family. The theme is to a self portrait in our favorite location. Without a doubt August Grill is our favorite restaurant. So with this portrait we toast all of our readers and thank you for visiting.

16 Responses to “Theme day – self portrait in favorite place”

  1. Edwin

    Wonderful! I figured someone was going to turn themselves into a painting. It’s the both of you. Ever surprising!

  2. Eric

    Hi Denton and Connie,

    I did not know Greenville was an impressionist den! Very good idea.

    And a toast to you guys from Paris.

  3. Denton

    Thanks for your comments. This was a fun theme. I especially enjoyed surfing the DP blogs today.

  4. Kim

    So nice to see the two of you! Toasting you from the other coast. Many happy photos to come!

  5. Kala

    HI Denton, I like what you and connie did with the self protrait – it looks like a self portrait painting =)
    Very nice!

  6. MoonSoleil

    Hey there,
    what a cute idea! It’s a nice painting, well done… for how long did you have to sit still (haha =).
    Cheers to you!

  7. Jess

    How long did it take to do that? Did you get tired of sitting? Who did that?
    I loved the picture it turned out well..


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